who are we?

We are MVMT Strength
Pronounced move·ment /ˈmo͞ovmənt

why are we doing this?

Simple…To Change Lives

what are we doing?

At MVMT Strength we provide an unparalleled fitness experience that is driven by coaches who care, in semi-private and small sessions that are safe and effective, using programming that is intelligent and progressive, implementing nutrition and lifestyle guidelines that is backed by superior support.

how are we doing this?

Educate: We deliver fitness, coaching, nutrition and lifestyle support that is at the top of the industry and we constantly strive to seek more knowledge.

Lead: We lead from the front by modeling what we preach. Our actions inspire others to be better and move towards transformation.

Community: We are more powerful as a tribe. We are built on loyalty, trust and honesty. We encourage, support and motivate you to support change.

Accountability: Showing up matters. Our coaches offer superior support and ensure you move towards your goal.


What are people saying?

Ruth C. — Great group of coaches that make you feel welcome :) They are also very knowledgable in their field. They challenge you to do better each time and hold you accountable as well. Great place to be!

Zaineb C.  I completed a 6 week challenge here and I can safely say it was the best gym experience of my life. The coaches were all great and did a wonderful job explaining all the movements and exercises. They always kept in touch and were there to keep you motivated. They helped me not only achieve my goals, but exceed them.

Charlotte W. Such knowledgeable coaches but more importantly such lovely people!! A gym with a real family feel, and the smaller classes mean there is a lot of attention to detail & technique. Can highly recommend!

the experience

"Amazing, uplifting atmosphere!" — Bree S.

"The positive atmosphere, and sense of community have contributed to the best gym experience I’ve ever had!" — Evan R.

"Exceptional coaches!!" — Tessa M.

"MVMT Strength is the sole reason I love working out again" — Elizabeth L.

“I always felt welcomed and enjoyed every class” — Craig D.

"It truly feels like you are apart of a family" — Eman C.

"it was an experience I will never forget!" — Alaha E.

"the best gym experience I've had in my life" — Magggie B.