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Will, Isaac, Luke and Brooke owners of Fitness. Fun. Results.

Will, Isaac, Luke and Brooke


In the heart of London, Ontario, four fitness enthusiasts-Will, Isaac, Luke, and Brooke-shared a burning passion: to revolutionize the way their community viewed health and fitness. This led to the birth of MVMT Strength in 2017, a place more than just a gym, it was a beacon of transformation. Their journey began in a modest downtown office building. The space was raw, but their vision was clear. They envisioned a gym where every member was not just a number, but a part of a growing family, a community bonded by the common goal of becoming healthier and stronger, one day at a time. Each founder brought a unique strength to the team. Will, with his love go mobility and strength training; Luke, the master of innovative workout plans; Isaac, with his infectious enthusiasm; and Brooke, the queen of motivation and personal empowerment. Together, they were an unstoppable force. The early days were challenging. They started with a handful of barbells, a few squat racks and some conditioning tools. But what they lacked in fancy equipment, they made up for with heart and hustle. They tore down walls, painted the space themselves, set up handmade workout stations, and even crafted their own boxes. Word of their unique approach spread quickly. MVMT Strength wasn’t just about lifting weights; it was about lifting spirits. They introduced fun, community-driven events like “The Holiday Accountability Challenge” where they’ve helped raise over $10,000 for local charities! Their mission to make their community healthier resonated deeply. From young athletes to busy parents, people from all walks of life started to join. Will, Isaac, Luke, and Brooke didn’t just build a gym; they created a movement-a movement that celebrated each small victory, each pound lost, and each new muscle gained. As the community grew, so did their gym. But no matter how big MVMT Strength became, the founders never lost sight of their mission: to make their community healthier, one person at a time. And to this day, every new member is welcomed not just into a gym, but into a family-a family that sweats, laughs, and grows stronger together.

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