How To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals in 2018!

Its now 2018 and so many people are excited to start on their weight loss goals! Are you one of them?

Is this the year you start a weight loss program for the last time? 

Is this the year you “seriously” do it? 

Is this the year you really stay committed and make it happen?…. do any of these phrases and thoughts sound familiar?

We are all about promoting health and wellness and helping people lose weight, get stronger, build confidence and break down barriers to achieve their goals but that being said there are also routes we don’t promote you take to achieve your goals. We am going to tell you the best place to look and take off the pounds this year.

Any program where you must purchase products to participate is not the right program. The programs that give you a set of rules and an exact outline of what you need to eat and drink is not the right program.

“Following orders does not work, taking ownership does” 

People who want to lose weight as their goal this year, our guess is that this isn’t the first time they have tried it. You’ve done programs that have worked and you’ve done programs that have failed. First thing we want you to do is look at what you’ve done and why it didn’t work, and FYI the program hasn’t worked if you are looking to start something new this January. If it worked for 30 days or 8 weeks but you put the weight back on, it was a temporary fix and solution to your problem. You do NOT need anything you don’t already have to lose weight.  The problem is that most people look to outside sources, the easiest solutions, the ones where you don’t have to think or work too hard to get, the ones where everything you need gets sent to your door with instructions inside the box. Sorry people, but real, long lasting weight loss comes when you investigate, look at, admit to and own up to your own behaviours, your triggers, your routine, your weakness and also your strengths.

Our approach at MVMTS is to help you do all of that! To relearn what it means to “listen to your body”  to understand and practice tuning into your hunger cues, to help you make room in your busy life for your priorities, and to give you the guidance and encouragement to get through the tough days and the unexpected things that happen! Programs with strict instructions usually rely on your life to go smooth, no interferences so that the program can go as planned, but we all know life never goes as planned. Thats why the all or nothing mindset is detrimental to achieving those goals of yours. With our 12 Week Weight Loss Program we can help you get rid of that mindset! First and foremost we get to know you. You will fill out a detailed and specific intake form and from there we carefully construct your action plan based on your lifestyle, your goals, your needs, your specific circumstances and many other factors that most programs don’t bring into play.

We want to help you lose the weight and have you never look at doing another weight loss program again! We will empower you to do what it takes, build up your confidence and make what you think is impossible, possible.  The MVMT team and community is here with you every step of the way. You are never the only one going through a tough day having a support system behind you is exactly what we will give you.

We would love to tell you more and give you all the details on how this program will change your life. If you are willing to put in the work there is no way you wont get the results. Inquire within and sign up today!

Reach out to chat and lets get started on your weight loss goal!

Cheers to 2018!

Isaac Morgado