How to get the most out of a gym membership.

You’ve probably read that many gyms have lots of members who never work out. That’s a shame—and a waste of money.

MVMT Strength isn’t like that: We want to see members often and create strong relationships because we’re passionate about helping clients achieve their goals. And we believe you should get a great return on your investment in fitness training.

We also want people to get fitter even if they’re working out somewhere else. 

So here are four ways to maximize a gym membership, wherever you train. 

If you already train with us and know all this stuff, forward this message to a friend or family member who might appreciate it!

1. Work Out Consistently 

This seems obvious, but it’s still our top tip. 

Here’s the real key: You should work out as much as your coach tells you to work out. That’s different from “as often as possible.” It is possible to train too much.

A qualified coach will always be able to tell you how often you need to work out to get the results you want. Remember, recovery is important, too. 

The coach should also tell you what options are available if you want to move faster. For example, someone who does group classes might benefit from an extra one-on-one session once a month.

We’re always up to meet with members to help them ensure they’re on track with their training plan!

2. Address Any Concerns Right Away

In a gym, you shouldn’t feel like you’re adrift at sea with no contact after you buy a membership. 

Great gyms stay in touch with clients, answer questions and make your experience better. If there’s something you don’t understand or something you need, talk to a staff member. 

We love hearing from clients, and we’re problem solvers. And if you’re having a great time, we’d love to hear that, too.

3. Review Progress With a Coach Every 3 Months

If you wanted to get from here to the other side of the country, you’d stop many times to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

Same deal in the gym. You should evaluate progress every 90 days or so. Are you moving forward or stalling? Are you moving at the desired pace? Could you make any changes to get even better results?

We meet with clients every three months to review their training plans and make adjustments if needed. This is a great time for people to ask questions, learn more about fitness and set new goals.

At MVMTS, goal review sessions are included with your membership because we know they’ll help you succeed.

4. Celebrate Wins With a Coach

Many people feel like “a face in the crowd” in a gym. That makes it hard to stay motivated.

To get the most out of your gym experience, talk to a coach about your wins—big or small. What have you accomplished recently? How did you celebrate? Are you getting close to any milestones? Have you set any new goals?

Share your journey with a coach and build a relationship. I can tell you this: Coaches love hearing about personal records and new accomplishments. A great coach will celebrate every win with you and help you make sure the wins keep coming.

I hope these tips help you find success!

If you don’t currently train at a gym and have questions about starting a fitness program, we can help. Click here to book a free consultation. We’ll make sure you get the most out of your membership if you choose to train with us.

And if you currently work out with us, take a second to hit “reply” and let us know how you’re doing. What’s the last win you had in the gym? Let’s celebrate together!

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